Walking trails dog friendly

Hello, I know there are a few walking trails around Brisbane that are dog friendly but most are quite small and not very hilly. Does anyone know of any good spots that can have a dog and possibly longer than 10km?
Out of brisbane is fine also. Just seems very limited to spots walking with dogs.

Hi. We take our dogs to Ewen Maddock trail 18.6km in Sunshine coast. Not hilly but beautiful waterfront and forest walk.

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There’s a meetup group that does bushwalking with dogs that might be able to help out: https://www.meetup.com/en-AU/hiking-with-doggos-and-puppers-brisbane-and-gold-coast/

You can also search Aussie Bushwalking for walks tagged dog friendly - https://www.aussiebushwalking.com/search/near-brisbane-city-qld/dogs-permitted

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Hi =)

I take my dogs to the samford conservation park. It has plenty of hills and depending on the route you take can either be a short walk (2-3kms) to well over 10kms. I wind up and down the trails to do a loop back to my car.

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