Warrie Circuit advise please

Hi all, apologies if there is already a topic for this but I couldn’t find one and found it a little hard to navigate these forums and a lot of posts haven’t been replied to since 2016 etc…

anyhoo… having said that I just joined and happy to use this site. I am a very casual now and then bushwalker and have done most of my walking throughout Springbrook

I have done Purlingbrook Falls and Warringah pools (First did Purlingbrook back in the day before it was closed and you could walk behind the waterfalls) Natural Arch, Best of All, Rainbow Falls…

Anyhoo I have always wanted to do Warrie circuit but last time I was there just over a year ago it said it was closed. And I thought it was still closed? But some here have posted comments that have just recently done it… and one person said it is still technically closed but on the national parks website couldn’t see a notice that it was still closed?

Well in any case it seems it can be done now and one of the parts that excites me about it being able to go to the base of Goomoolahra Falls as I have only ever seen it from the top at the picnic area and always thought it looked nice at the base… so I just have a few questions about the circuit

A lot of people have said they have done it in an anti clockwise direction going from Tallanbana towards Rainbow falls direction… honestly I thought this was the general way to do the track anyway? Officially the track passes over the top of Twin falls circuit so this is the only falls you wouldn’t see on the track which I dont mind because I’ve been to this falls many times…

But just wondering however as I have never completed the Twin falls circuit, going further along past Canyon Lookout and to Blackfellow falls… If I was to do the official Warrie circuit, I would pass by Blackfellow falls but not Canyon lookout as it goes back over the top of Twin Falls again…

So what I would like to know is, if I did the Warrie circuit, I was thinking to extend it after I do Blackfellow falls and double back so I could come down the lower section of Twin Falls circuit so I could do Canyon lookout… Is this worth it if you have never been? Or is it much the same view as you get from the Canyon lookout from the road?

As i said I have never completed the full twin falls circuit going past Twin Falls base to Canyon lookout and Blackfellow falls and back along the top of Twin Falls so with either option if I do Warrie circuit, I am going to miss one of these sections of track? (the section from the Twin Falls base to Canyon and Blackfellow or the section from Blackfellows back along over the top of Twin Falls) so which one would be worth doing once I do Blackfellow falls on the circuit?


One last thing is that I saw Jess mention recently doing the Warrie circuit and when they came to the meeting of the waters wasn’t sure which way to go but according to all the maps I have seen, there are forks or diversions on this part of the track or in fact any part of the track except the junctions near Blackfellow and Twin Falls… or are the maps a but incorrect and there are some forks/junctions in some places?


It was open when I last did in January. There is a chance it may have temporarily been closed after the flood event, but nothing on the NP website suggests that now. Can’t help you with recommendations on the views unfortunately as I can never remember which falls are which, but I’ve done it in both directions and tied it in with Twin Falls but never had a wayfinding issue at Meeting of the Waters - no fork down there.

If you are comfortable venturing a little offtrack and have a head for heights, you can do a side trip up the Pinnacle - nice views and great (if short) scrambling. The location of the branch track is shown on opencyclemaps

Thanks for the reply!

TBH I always thought the Canyon lookout was on the top side of the Twin Falls circuit not on the base side? But I am probably confusing Canyon Lookout on the track with the Canyon Lookout you access from the car park… they are different lookouts right?

ok sorry for the confusion so I think I have worked it out… From the maps it looks like Canyon Lookout is on the base side of the Twin Falls circuit because of the placement of the text but it’s not is it?

Canyon lookout is at the top accessible by car and has a track which forms part of the top side of the Twin Falls circuit? So If I do Warrie and go past Blackfellows and continue on, I will then pass by Canyon Lookout won’t I? And if I want to Twin Falls as part of it I have to double back after Blackfellow, but miss Canyon Lookout… or complete Warrie and then go do the Twin Falls walk only on the Twin Falls circuit and turn back? Or probably better to do Twin Falls base first then double back to do Warrie via Rainbow? Ta

Hi @icanfly. It’s been far too long since I did the Warrie Circuit to comment on the details, but in case you haven’t been up there since ex-Cyclone Debbie passed through it’s worth mentioning that Gold Coast-Springbrook Road is closed (and will be for up to 6 months) so you’ll need to use Pine Creek Road to reach Springbrook.

thanks for all the replies and your info :slight_smile:

Thanks all for your help! Yesterday I did the Twin Falls circuit starting from Tallanbana in the anti clockwise direction and taking the first two forks on the left which brings you to the top of the falls first. I believe this to be the best route as you pass through two rock faces the second one being cave like and the walk back up to the top from Blackfellow is much easier than walking back up the top from the bottom of Tallanbana!

But also before we started did a side diversion to Rainbow Falls and Goomoolahra and I am glad I did. I’ve never visited Goomoolahra before and thought I would need to wait until I did the Warrie circuit which is next on the cards but I have always wanted to see it but wasn’t sure how much further it would be there and back to Twin Falls circuit

I did a guesstimation based on the scale of the map and concluded Goomoolahra looked only about an extra 30 minutes one way from Rainbow and I was pretty spot on. I had to be careful since I had never done this walk before as I with three other girls who were trusting me as their guide and also I wasn’t sure if they could handle the extra walking haha

Anyway I am so glad I did it was so worth it and it gave me an idea that a lot of tourists look at the walks and see only two options. 1) Twin Falls circuit 4km or Warrie circuit 17km which most will dismiss quickly haha!! Now I reckon Rainbow Falls and Goomoolahra are worthy side trips to the Twin Falls circuit as well (or even to do just these two and Twin Falls) so I sent a suggestion to National Parks to include distances on the map to both these falls, and perhaps even some extra signs on the trail to point to these two falls and their distances so people are more encouraged to visit them… Sure you can do what I did and look at the map and work out they look close but when you are really not sure of the area most probably wouldn’t want to take the risk

Anyhoo yesterday I also completed the Twin Falls circuit for the time I have only ever gone as far as Twin Falls but did the whole thing yesterday and was pleasantly surprised by Blackfellow Falls from the videos it didn’t look that impressive after seeing the others first but they were. Made for some good photos! The only thing I missed and I don’t know how is seeing where the Warrie circuit intersects near Blackfellow Falls… it seems it happens at the falls? But I didn’t see the fork in the track… Is it actually behind some rocks near the falls as I saw some people coming from that area?


Some pics from yesterday Looking forward to doing Warrie soon

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Some fantastic photos there. Sounds like you had a great time. Sorry, again I can’t help with info on the fork since it’s been so long!

no worries thanks! guess I will find out soon enough :slight_smile:

We completed the Warrie Circuit in June and it
was open.