Welcome to Talk Aussie Bushwalking

Hi bushwalkers!

Due to popular demand Aussie Bushwalking finally has a forum. This gives us an opportunity to chat about the Aussie Bushwalking website, bushwalking in general or anything else that takes your fancy.

Make sure to take a look at guidelines - they’ll help keep this place fun for everybody.

Your existing Aussie Bushwalking login will work already - no need to create a new account. If you’re not already logged in just hit the “login” button up the top and it’ll take you back to Aussie Bushwalking to login, then straight back here afterwards.

Otherwise, jump on board, introduce yourself, link to your Aussie Bushwalking profile and let’s see what we can build :smile: (and of course, make sure to keep visiting the main site to tick off your walks and add any walks we don’t already have).


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Hi guys, Yowie Chaser. great idea this site is, ive used it before when i wasn’t a member. Anyhow im now doing a few short easy walks lol. so this site will come in very helpful to me.

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Welcome @Yowie_Chaser. Good luck with your hunt!