What am I working on?


I’ve finally updated the region viewing page to use the new style. This means phone and tablet users are finally be able to browse the regions properly! Unfortunately the edit page is still in the old style but that affects less people.

Big thanks to everybody uploading photos for the walks. It’s made the new design really pop. I have plans to display some form of map for those walks that don’t have any photos but that’ll have to wait a little bit.


Elevation Profiles are here! …for some walks.

The initial version of elevation profiles is now live on the site. I’ve used data from the GPX and KML files that people have been loading. Currently there are about 150 walks with elevation profiles. If you access the map from those walks you’ll also find the actual route plotted on the map. Future plans are to show those routes on the main search map as well.

Here’s a few examples:

Currently you can’t directly edit the routes so if you see a problem contact me and I’ll get it fixed up.


Cool, looks great. I’ve noticed some tracks which have a gpx or kml uploaded do not have a elevation profile. Are these being done manually or is there something not right with the files?

There also appears to be a problem with the GPS file upload functionality. I upload a basic KML track, the page notifies me (top left-hand corner of the page above the header). After the page refreshes the GPS Files sections does not display. I check the page five minutes later and the page still does not show the section or files (even in the html source). I believe the file/record is making it into the database as if I go to upload the file again it does not let me (unique constraint on the gps file track name). I’ve noticed this on a lot of the newer walks I have added (thinking “I’m sure I’ve uploaded a track for this one”).

Example where this is happening:

Thank you




There is a manual step at the moment between the GPX/KML and the elevation profiles. I almost have that automated but I’ve been distracted by a another exciting, but urgent, prospect for the site in the last week. I should be finished with that very soon so I’ll get the changes out ASAP.

However, I think there are also some issues with a few of the files. I’ll need to work through those manually and see what’s causing the problem.

And you are correct, there is a problem with uploading the GPS data. The caching change from awhile back is getting in the way (I’m not refreshing the cached walk data after the upload). I’ll get that fixed up.

Thanks, as always, for reporting those issues!


Just posted the KML track ‘up’ and ‘down’ for Bartle Frere Western approach. Will be interesting to see what the elevation profile looks like.


Hi Richard.
Just getting back into this year’s Bushwalking after a three month lay-off due to an injury and ‘the heat’.

Was updating walks and found I could not adjust any of the ‘tags’, which previously I had had no problems with.

Is it just me, or has something gone wrong?


I’ve just had a quick look at editing the tags and it’s working ok for me. Could you send through which walks you’ve tried? Perhaps there’s something with specific walks.


Thanks Richard, I think it is my laptops that are the problem, as I can do this type of update perfectly well on my phone.
Had a similar problem once before and had to do some sort of update on the laptop, but forgotten what it was!


New feature just released: Climb and Maximum Elevation added.

You can now specify the climb and maximum elevation (both in metres) for any walks. I’ve also calculated them for any walks that we have GPS data for. For the moment there will be a delay before those calculations are done for any new GPS data.


This additional information is really helpful. Thanks Richard.

Will now have to revisit some of our walks where I have the information and load it up manually.


Hi, I’m new to your site and think you have done a great job. It might be useful to add a time filter in the layer option on the maps.
Keep up the great work!


Hi Lisa,

Glad you’re enjoying the site. I’m actually working on some better search features which includes finer time filtering, however at the moment not combined with the map (though that’s on the plan as well). Hopefully I’ll have that done sometime soon.



I did the eastern approach last weekend and have uploaded my tracks for that side too.


The new search functionality just went live. I’ll announce to the Facebook group sometime soon but before that I’d love some feedback from you fantastic Aussie Bushwalking super users.

Features include:

  • Search based on location - either near you or near the suburb of your choice
  • Search for specific tags
  • Search based on time or distance
  • Any combination of the above!

I’ve also fixed it so you can share a search by simply copying the url and passing it on.

The obvious thing still missing is seeing the search results on a map. I think that will be a common request. (Go vote for it here if you’d like it: https://abw.uservoice.com/forums/122631-general/suggestions/20331007-show-search-results-on-a-map)

As always, I’d love to hear any feedback. And also a big thank you to you all for putting in all the data. I did some test searches using the tags and was blown away by how much info is in there. You’re all definitely helping people find places they can get out and walk!


I’ve just added some features for cleaning up the regions. I’ve used these to remove some invalid regions and moved other regions to the appropriate place (e.g. moving national parks within their state’s region). I’ve also improved the edit page for walks and regions so it’s easier to find a region (hopefully).

The cleanup features are only available to moderators of which there are few (just a couple of Aussie Bushwalking’s most valuable users). If you notice any other things that need cleaning up like invalid regions or walks in the wrong place just let me know and I’ll fix it.


Thanks Richard and a happy Christmas to you and your family.

Something for the new year! One problem I have with regions, is that it is the only thing you CAN’T edit for a ‘walk’!

So, I add a new region: say Mt Kaputar National Park, but there is already a walk on ‘bushwalker’ Mt Kaputar’, which has a region of New South Wales. How do I change that to a more definitive location, within Mt Kaputar National Park?


Hi Paul. Merry Christmas to you too.

I thought I already had you set as a moderator but it seems I hadn’t. I’ve just made you one so you can now change regions. It should probably be available to everybody but I haven’t tested it as thoroughly as some other parts. Let me know if you run into any problems.


Richard hi.
I’ve started to do a bit of tidying up of the ‘regions’ now I have the ‘edit’ access. I had not previously used the ‘search’ option to look at specific walks within a region, but now realise it’s actually quite a powerful tool if the data is correct. Have already corrected/defined all the walks across the Sunshine Coast including adding a Glass House Mountains region and will expand this as and when I get time.
Couple of ‘regions’ in QLD need deleting, which it does not let me do.

  1. is ‘hi’, which is a robot entry that slipped through the net!
  2. is ‘table top’ with a sub of ‘toowoownba’ that has no walks defined, as all three walks in that area are defined as the ‘toowoomba QLD’ region.


Ah, just found another one to ‘delete’: ‘Crows Nest’ (QLD), which has no walks and we already have ‘Crows Nest National Park’.
Interesting that ‘Crows Nest’ shows up on ‘walks’ as a walk, but is in fact down as a region; strange!


Found yet another one to ‘delete’; ‘Verulii’, which is in as a sub-region of Brisbane City Council Local walks, but has no actual walks.