What am I working on?


Thanks Paul. I’ve removed all of those.


I haven’t updated this thread for awhile so I might mention a few of the changes. The biggest thing is of course the wishlist which I’ve mentioned many places. Since then I’ve been trying to knock off some smaller tasks:

  • Started prompting people after they tick a walk to either edit the walk or add photos. This should hopefully encourage people to join in with improving the site.
  • Fixed up how walks appear when shared in Facebook so they now include a photo
  • Fixed up rotating of photos (mentioned in the photo rotation thread)
  • Fixed a bug in how the little static maps are displayed on walk pages that was affecting some walks
  • Added a list of nearby walks to each walk’s page

I’ve also been doing some tidying up of data for various walks, in particular Mt Barney, and added some walks down in Victoria.

I’ll keep working on little tasks for the moment and update here if I start working on a bigger piece of functionality.