What GPS App are you using?

In 2015, I asked ‘what hand held GPSs were being used’, but on the basis these are now redundant and most people are using phone apps. What do you use?

I have used ‘Australia Topo Maps’ for the last years having thrown away my very expensive Magellan Explorist 610, but am still able to upload data onto my laptop via Magellan’s Vantage Point and back down to Aussie Bushwalking.

Just last week I heard about ‘Wikiloc’ and have field trilled it once and am still learning. Seems to eat up my phone battery as it uses Google Maps and can’t find a way to upload onto the laptop. But early days.

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I run an android phone and recently I’ve decided to download “ViewRanger” a free app from the windows store. However for me this is purely so I can add .GPX files to tracks I’ve done that don’t have them. From the couple times I’ve used it so far it works quite well. I believe you can upload the route files to the app via your computer or phone which is handy. There are heaps of settings which I would recommend looking at and changing for your liking too, which would help save that precious battery.
However in the end, using your phone GPS in the mountains will just use battery life. So not sure if this app would be any better, however with so many setting options surely you’d be saving some battery.


i use my maps and carry a spare phone battery on longer trips

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I use Motionx GPS and find it works well enough for me. Running in the bg it lasts most of the day when tracking your route and on longer walks I carry a power bank that is small but allows me to recharge he iphone8 another 2-3 times. The portable solar chargers are pretty cheap too so may invest in one next.

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Coming from a 4WD background, I’ve used the Hema and Memory Maps apps on iPhone a lot. Just trying to work out if they’re going to be the best for hiking trails as well. I also have Avenza Maps which is used for NSW State Forest maps a lot, so that may work out better.

Interested to see others input.

I have an iOS device and use “Pocket Earth” https://pocketearth.com/ which I think works fine.

I to have ditched my Garmin Etrex 20 in favour of MapsMe and my GPS phone. This app shows most tracks and shows your position. Also trailing Wikiloc as well. Carry a power bank as a back up.

I have recently ditched Memory Maps and MotionX after a few problems and switched to Terra Map. I find it the best and easiest to use and so far it has never let me down, I highly recommend the pro version for around $15 which allows you to download as many maps as you want [ worldwide ] and keep all walks you record. A real bonus is that I can record a full days walk and take lots of pics without a recharge, although I always carry a power bank in case of emergency.