Where to walk in nsw

Could anyone give me some good advice about where to go bushwalking in NSW. We (group of 6) are going to Gosford ti visit family and would like to explore the region. Prefereably no overnight hikes (unless they are really amazing), but some ideas of longer walks/hikes would be welcome or some shorter very scenic walks. We would be willing to go about 4 hours from Gosford (and rent a place or camp). I was thinking of Blue Mountains Canyon Track, but am stuck beyond that. We will have 10 days, so could go to a few different areas. A coastal walk would be nice too. Any ideas about walks (or anything else) would be much appreciated.

could try the entrance near shelly beach.havent been there in many years

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There are plenty of nice walks in the Blue Mountains, Wentworth falls area has some good walks, I did the Under & Over Cliff walk last year and can recommenced that one.

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We did a Blue Mountains trip a couple of years ago. Grand Canyon Track was definitely worth it. I also did Lockley’s Pylon which I really enjoyed.

There looks like there is some fantastic walking around Gosford itself - Ku-Ring-Gai Chase and Brisbane Water National Parks both look beautiful.

Thanks, I will look into Lockley’s Pylon and the others as well. Good to know, as I have no idea! We can do longer walks, like 20 km in a day - we love Mount Feathertop and longer walks at Wilsons Prom and don’t mind a bit of a hike uphill :slight_smile: Thanks again!