Yowies Bigfoot Hairyman Sasquatch

Hi Guys, Yowie Chaser,

I get these questions out the way.

  1. No im not crazy i really believe Yowie exist. lol
  2. No i haven’t seen one.
    3 Havent heard one, no foot prints.
    4, I have found 2 tree structures lol

Ok thats out of the way, so how did i get started, In November 2018 a truck driver had one jump up in front of him on Beechmont Rd Witheren Canungra. This Yowie was 10 foot. there articles written about it, if you need to take a look.

So from that day on i myself have been looking for Yowies, so yeah ive done a couple of easy walks always checking this site out to check tracks difficulty etc.

i got a thought you guys are always in the bush just wondering if any of the members on here have ever seen a Yowie or signs of Yowies in your travels.

I know a lot of people dont like talking about in fear of ridicule.
I would really be interested in anyone story’s, no matter how small you think it is it or helps.

Cheers Guys

Best place to look would be areas frequented by Hobbits and Drop Bears. :joy:

lol your funny. if you check one of my vids you will see a hobbit drop bear. right at the end of the video.

hope its ok to post a link if not just delete admin but before you do just have a look its freaky!

look here on the video. also after that the video never worked but kept recording sound trippy.

heres the link start it at 1.37 & let it go to 1.40