How to edit a Region

This forum will cover two main topics: Where does the region belong? & What to add/edit within a Region?

Where does the region belong?
There are 3 levels of regions as described below:

  1. Main Region: This includes: Australian States/Territories, New Zealands North/South Islands, Other countries (Possibly split into continents [within sub regions]). Not many tracks should be at this level.

  2. Sub Regions: This is to narrow down the Main regions to a reasonable sized area. See below for Australian States see maps/council areas below. This should be the main point location for tracks that aren’t connected to any specific National park/Conservation Area.
    I’ll try find some Maps to distinguish sub regions for more populated states.

  3. Sub-Sub Regions: These are the National parks/Conservation Areas. Tracks within these regions should be within the area/park.
    I’d say if the park/area has over 5 walks it is worth considering to create a sub-sub region.
    We could make an additional region to state parking area. Ie. From this parking area, these tracks can be started, while on the other side of the national park may be another parking area for other tracks. Otherwise National parks is as detailed a region should get. Not sure if @AussieBushwalking is working on something with regards to parking areas

What to add/edit within a Region?
Basic description of the location. Type of scenery/flooring {rainforest/ sandy/ rocky /waterfalls/ lookouts /wildlife} Can state its parent Region. What types of activates can be done (walking, mountain biking, horse riding).
Any interesting history for the region?
What are the standout bushwalking features? Go in more detail about the scenery. Is it a rainforest/open plains, wet lands, is the floor sandy, rocky, water crossing. Is there a number of waterfalls; lookouts, is wildlife common in the area.
How do you get there? Include all access points if there are many? This mainly just applies to Sub-Sub Regions.
Which maps cover the region? Share a link to National/council park website/maps.
Where can I stay there? or near there? Not sure what to be added here. Probably just combine it with Camping {Accommodation/camping:}
Are there permit costs? Provide a link. What are the camp grounds like? Can you light a fire, are there certain facilities (toilets, showers, BBQ’s) Other things to do, swiming

Contact Details
Contact details for National Park offices or similar…

The ‘main’, ‘sub’ and ‘sub-sub’ regions I agree with, except as I said before, unless there is something definitive that easily identifies a ‘sub’ or ‘sub-sub’ region to the users, they won’t use it when loading a new walk, as we have seen historically. Although we can make it more comprehensive, it must still be user friendly.

The secondly, I question the value of spending too much time putting in details on ‘what to add/edit within a Region’. I for one never look at it and I don’t think others do either, as the only way I know to view them is by typing it into your browser. For example:

I’m sure many people use their phone to access the main website these days, rather than a laptop, as i do, which makes it even harder to see the ‘big’ picture and have no idea on some of the background information that is there.

I probably shouldn’t have called it “how to edit…” this is more along the lines of
“What to include in regions information”.

Currently there is the default template, which is fine, I guess this was more just for people whom wanted to add a bit more detail, they have a place to get some ideas on what else to add. Or potentially get some users information on what they would like to see in the template.

I definitely agree regions aren’t easily found. The way I get onto them is via a walks page. Right under the walk title is the region (which is actually a link). For me I like the sub-sub regions/National park ones as I like to see the walks within the region, from which I can then choose what I’d like to do. Or if I get to the national park and one track is closed, I can quickly go see the others in a summarized form and not click each one on the map. (I guess I just like how they are tiled on the region page).

Richard, need some help tidying up a few bogus regions that, as far as I can see, have no ‘walks’ attached to them and need to be ‘deleted’.

At the highest level, we have:
Alice and the rock!
Southern highlands

In NSW, sub-region Mt Warning, we have a sub sub-region called 'Pholis Gap (from Mt Nardi), which is in fact an existing walk in the Nightcap NP.

In QLD, we have sub-region Bunya Mountains that needs to be renamed Bunya Mountains National Park. Plus there are four sub sub-regions listed, non of which have walks attached and again are existing walks.

If you are moving regions can you move the rest as follows (if it doesn’t take to long otherwise don’t bother). I know it’s not a great idea, but for now I’ve got QLD separated based on council zones, which for me I think is the easiest way for people to put tracks in the right regions. I think most don’t put it in the right region mainly cos the list is so long and overwhelming (for qld). gotta start somewhere if you do start working on regions might as well have it sort of planed.
To be sorted based on the map previously posted as follows:
Far North QLD
Barron Gorge National Park; Daintree National Park; Wooroonooran National Park
North Qld
Central QLD
Cania Gorge National Park; Carnarvon National Park;
Darling Downs :
Bunya Mountains; Crows Nest National Park; Girraween National Park; Ravensbourne National Park; Toowoomba
Amamoor State Forest; Brisbane City Council Local Walks; Brisbane Forest park D’Aguilar National Park {needs to be renamed:D’Aguilar National Park} Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area; Daisy Hill Conservation Park; Eumundi Conservation Park; Glass House Mountains; Glen Rock Regional Park; Ipswich; Ipswich - Flinders Goolman Conservation Estate Sub-Region; Jimna State Forest; Karawatha Forest; Kondalilla National Park; Lamington National Park; Main Range National Park; Mapleton National Park; Moogerah Peaks National Park; Moreton Bay Tamborine National Park; Sunshine Coast; Parklands Conservation Park; Mt Barney National Park
Wide bay Burnett :
Brooyar State Forest; Conondale National Park; Expedition National Park; Great Sandy National Park; Woondum National Park;
Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday

I’ve also noticed: in the “World” Region there are sub-regions Zahra; Alice and the rock!; Southern Highlands. I’d say these 3 should be deleted {I don’t want to push that button yet as a moderator}. No tracks in them.
Thinking it might be a good idea to split SE QLD into different regions too but not sure as to where the boundary would lay.

Thanks. I’ll try to clean up those bogus regions soon and will look at moving those parts into their regions.

I don’t think we should split SE QLD into separate sub-regions. Each extra region we add extends the urls which will become quite cumbersome if we have too many layers. This can be annoying when people are sending the urls around or sharing them on social media. Splitting the state was well worth it but I think stepping from that to the parks is the correct granularity.

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Oh. That URL thing is definitely something to keep in mind.
What I meant by SE qld split up was instead of the SE qld region within Queensland. Have say

  1. Brisbane and sunshine coast
  2. Gold coast and scenic rim.
    Just due to the mass amounts of walks within the area, they could be split up. Still quite a small land size though. So I’d say just leave it as SEqld as that’s usually pretty easy to identify with.