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Here’s a topic to let everybody introduce themselves. This is a good way to get started on Talk Aussie Bushwalking. Make sure to include a link to your Aussie Bushwalking profile so we can see where you like to walk.

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And I’ll get things started…

Hi, I’m Richard, the founder and operator of Aussie Bushwalking -

As you can tell from the profile I’m Brisbane based and have done most of the day walks around here. Don’t get as much time to walk as I’d like these days but things will change when the kids grow up a bit.

I started bushwalking with my family as a youngster and overnight walks later with Scouts.

We are the Ferguson Adventure Bunnies (F.A.B. for short) and we have got really stuck into some serious bushwalking this year (2015). Three generations of the family from age 6 to 64.

As the name suggest, this is about having fun with the children, who have completed over half of the 31 treks we have done since March. We have to ensure that there is always a ‘reward’ at the end/top for them.

Based in the Northern Rivers and Sunshine Coast, these two great places have some awesome bushwalking and climbing available on our doorsteps. Pops is our scout, having logged nine ‘new’ walks!

O.K., so what have we got planned for the future? More of the same, with a 4/5 year objective of completing the 'Big 8" (highest mountain in each state).

Hello, my name is Howard I am a graduate student down here in Brisbane from Montana, USA. I am here until November 8th, and would love to get out on a good bush walk or climb a peak if possible while I am here. I am a very experienced mountaineer and rock climber in North America… that said I know nothing about how to not get myself into trouble in the Australian bush. If anyone is planning a walk or climb in the near future and would enjoy having a new contact in the States where I would certainly try to return the hospitality, I would appreciate being allowed to join in. I promise that I will not cause an epic! I’m 41 years old, married, have good mountain judgement and am in good condition.



I was recently asked; ‘how do you keep the kids, particularly the six year old motivated’?

The two girls are awesome and love the outdoors. The six year old whinges a bit, but as long as you give her regular food and drink stops, she will get there in the end. The 8 year old, whilst not the fittest person in the world, has the stamina and is like a sponge with info on the flora and fauna. The two of them will always race you back to the car and win!

We always make sure there are ‘rewards’ along the bushwalk. A great view, swimming hole, waterfall, rock climb etc. We seldom tell them we are going bushwalking till the last minute, as plans can change, so this eliminated the disappointment aspect.

Their biggest achievement so far was Mt. Warning.

Hey fellow bushwalkers!
I’m Dvette. I’m a Brisbane-based enthusiast of everything and I started getting interested in bushwalking when I started participating in the hobby of geocaching.

I would describe myself as an active person, but not a fit person! So the best walks for me are ones 5-15km without too much steepness. My greatest achievement so far was completing the Milford Track in 2015 because that was my first experience walking through snow and with walking for days with a pack.

I thrive of the idea of “levelling up” and ticking things off a list, so I love the idea of this site where I get to tick off the walks I’ve done. Thank-you very much for all who have contributed to this site so far, and espeically to @AussieBushwalking for creating it.


Welcome Dvette!

Thanks for saying hi. Milford Track… that’s still on my wish list :disappointed: Looks like you’ve already got a good little set of walks ticked off.

Hi all.

I’m Dale, like most others here I am Brisbane based.
I originally come from Victoria living next to the Murray river and grew up walking the myriad of tracks around where we lived.
It was easy to start bushwalking up here as there is so much on offer!
I like to think I am extremely fit as on a weekly basis I play golf, swim, indoor cricket and indoor rock climbing and of course lots of hiking when I get a spare moment.
My best achievements so far have been hiking to Everest Base Camp, Mt Kinabalu and the Headhunters trail in Borneo, trekking for 5 days in the Ecuadorian Amazon and making many speedy summits of some of the more challenging mountains around Brisbane. 25 minutes return on Tibrogargan!
In July/August this year I am travelling to South America to do the Lost City Trek in Colombia, Climb Huayna Potosi (6088m) and do the Inca Trail in Peru. It should be a tough and challenging trip but im up for it.

I love this website and all the contributions people add to the walks. Such a great resource for getting out to new hikes and destinations. I hope this place can really thrive as it seems hiking is on its way up in popularity again!

Happy hiking! - Dale.

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Morning All

I was looking up some information on some Blue Mountains Bushwalks for when I travel to Sydney next month when I stumbled over this website. I do most of my bushwalking in WA being based in Perth, looking forward to checking out the website and maybe contributing a little bit to discussions. I notice the list of trails for WA is a little short, I’m sure that can be changed though!

Welcome aboard!

It’s true. WA is poorly lacking on Aussie Bushwalking so far so it would be fantastic if you could add some walks. I mentioned to somebody on Facebook recently that it often only takes one or two people adding walks in an area and then it suddenly takes off. I’m based in Brisbane so I started with a few walks around here which others have then added many more to. Others have got things moving in Sydney. Hopefully that facebook user will get the ball rolling properly in Melbourne and you can get things going in WA.

Then I can take a year off and do an Aussie Bushwalking tour of the country :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m Harmony aka SunJunkie. Ipswich based, love a good hike, heights phobic so not much good on anything that requires ropes, but I’ll have a good crack at a scramble. I’ve done Barney twice (Logans Ridge, and Southeast), Maroon, Mitchell, Superbus, May, Edwards, Flinders (umpteen times), Tibro, Girraween (various), Mt Warning, and in NZ Mueller hut and the Routeburn track. In Nepal the Poon Hill Trek, and Peru the Inka Trail. Love to meet more outdoorsy hike pals, can do some weekdays too. Next mission is the South Coast Track of Tassie probs New Year 2017.

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Hi, I’m SweetLorikeet! I’m based on the Sunshine Coast. I haven’t walked a whole lot of different areas but I want to change that.
Honestly I’m primarily a birdwatcher, I walk the same places frequently but there’s always the chance of a new kind of bird - or a great photo of one I’ve seen dozens of times. My love of nature extends to plants and animals too though, so I’m keen to go a bit further afield, stretch my legs and see some new things.


Hi Guys,

New to the site.

I’ve always had a love of the outdoors and love 4wding, camping and bushwalking. I’ve done some bushwalking overvthe years but by no means have i been what i’d call an enthusiast, im hoping to change that though.

Im based in Central West NSW 3hrs west of Sydney in Bathurst. Im a member of the NSW Police Force and as part of that the NSW Police Rescue Squad. I am also a science teacher which i did before joining the force. As a side business i’m also building a 4wd/outdoors accessores business to one day hopefully do full time.

Hopefully i can contribute to the site and get some more tracks up around here.

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Hi guys, Steve here. I live in Townsville, QLD but am temporarily living and working in Toowoomba until December 2016. Having nothing but time on my hands on the weekends, I wanted to get into something worth while and bush walking was forefront of my mind. So far I’ve done some exploring in the Bunya Mountains and the Cunninghams Gap area. Looking at the map on this awesome site, it looks like there will be plenty to keep me busy for a very long time.

I’ll do everything I can to be a useful contributing member of this site and maybe bump into so of you out there on the trails. Here’s my profile:

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Hi SweetLorikeet. I’m 100% in agreement with you about the birds and animals. One of my favorite things to do while hiking is to find a spot out of the way and just sit quietly, listen and watch the birds.

Sorry if this appears to be abuse of the site.

I stayed at Mt Barney Lodge with the University of Queensland Bushwalkers Club Reunion and climbed Mt Barney via the South Ridge on 20 September 16.

Unfortunately I left my camera (Canon G12 in a Sony pouch) somewhere between the rocks on the South Ridge and what is known as Rum Jungle, near the old hut site.

Because I lost it overseas and had no travel insurance I am unable to make any claim - even worse they do not make them any more. Reward for anyone recovering camera.

Barry Smith
56 Orchard Ave
New Zealand

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The Glasshouse Bushwalkers Club Inc. is a bushwalking club based in Caboolture, north of Brisbane. We walk all over south east Queensland, preferring Glass House Mountains; Blackall, Bellthorpe, Conondale, and D’Aguilar Ranges, but do go further afield on occasion. We also like finding new walks that can be added to this site to expand the bushwalking scene, especially identifying those for the public. As a member club of Bushwalking Qld Inc. there is access to more walks in Qld. There is 3500km of walks in protected areas in Qld, listed on QPWS web site. Get out and have fun.

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Definitely no issues with you posting this Barry. I’ll post it to the Facebook page in case somebody there has seen it.

Thanks @GlasshouseBW I know we have a lot of users from the Sunshine Coast (as evidenced by the response to the Mt Cooroy post). I look forward to seeing what walks you can share and would love to help your club out any way that I can.

Hi, I’m Jen. I live in two places - Mount Perry in the North Burnett and Woodgate in the Bundaberg Region.
I’ve added a couple of walks and I’ll put a few more on here when I get some more time:
My most recent big solo hike was 28 days, 385km from Mt Perry to Toowoomba. I did it to raise money for brain cancer. I have a website/blog, which has the entire hike diarized, photos, details about gear and preparations. Can I put it on here? I tried posting it on another bushwalking forum, but got into trouble for it!

I generally do most things alone, but it would be good to join with other like-minded people from time to time. I really want to learn how to navigate so I can do truly remote walks safely.

I love keeping fit, being outdoors and just generally making my life amazing!