Introduce yourself!

Hi Jen. Welcome! Please do share your website address. Aussie Bushwalking is all about getting info out there so I’m happy for people to share their blogs, etc as long as you don’t start sending links every single day :slight_smile:

Hey Guys,

I’m currently living in Brisbane and I found this website looking for information on the Glass house mountains, I managed to climb 13 of the 14 in Jan whilst on holidays (Mount Coonowrin was closed). - this website is great!

I’ve lived in heaps of places around Australia but my favourite place to go Bushwalking is Tasmania. I have just recently added the South Coast track to your website (ill add heaps more in the future!). I have completed heaps of walks in Vic/nsw/tasmania/NZ and kilimanjaro last year (I slept at carter camp which was amazing).

I’m headed back in Tasmania to complete the Overland track for the 3rd time in winter, hopefully this July… did I mention that place is amazing!!! and in 2018 I plan to trek Aconcagua

Hi Murray. Welcome!

Welcome to SE Qld too! Some great walking around here (though a whole lot hotter than Tassie!)

Thanks for adding the South Coast Track. It would be great to get more walks down there on the site. A planned trip to the Overland Track is what got me back into walking years ago and eventually led to Aussie Bushwalking being created.

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Hi All!

I’m new to this site. My partner and I live in Brisbane and love bushwalking, though we definitely don’t get out as much as we should/would like to these days.

At the moment we are loving exploring the Brisbane Forest Park area as it’s so close to home.

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just joined. done only a few walks so far.glad i found this site.
cheers bazz

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Hey all , I’m Jaye from the Sunshine Coast. Keen hiker amongst other outdoor activities for many years on various continents on this planet. Luving this site to find and add walks/hikes , so useful for when am planning trips away. Thanks for setting this site up Richard , has helped me out on lots of occasions !

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Hi, I’m glad I found this site. I’m from Victoria and although primarily a trail runner, I love to hit the trails in the hills around Melbourne for a hike. I’ve explored most of the Yarra Valley and some of the coastal trails. I have a terrible weakness for reading gear reviews online and often have to remind myself that most of it, whilst awesome, is unnecessary for the kind of treks I do. One day…

Hi @EJM! Great to have you on board. I’ve just been adding a few walks around the Yarra Valley area to try to get our Victorian section of the site built up. It’s got me yearning to visit my home state and do the walks myself :slight_smile:

Glad to have found this site.

I have been in Australia Brisbane for 2x months from NZ and very keen to explore Australia. I have always wanted to be closer to nature so I’m very keen to go on some hikes/bushwalks. I may have to join some groups as I am pretty new to hiking but not new to walking everywhere…

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Welcome @paullafaele!

Hi I’m Steve & I live on the Gold Coast. My wife & I moved here from Sydney 20 years ago & we joined the Gold Coastbushwalking club back then as a way of meeting people & getting out to see this great part of the world. Things changed (children mainly) so not as much time for walking but a year ago I started up a photography group through my church & we love spending time together exploring & capturing images of our travels. I only recently found this group & I think it’s a wonderful resource to help with what I do.

Heres my 2 cents for what it’s worth. This morning I searched for Mount Tamborine Gold Coast walks & got around 180 hits. There were walks from the Sunshine Coast & as far away as Tasmania listed. Is that normal & if so why?

The 2nd thing is a suggestion as I haven’t found a way to bucket list some of the walks I’m finding that I’d like to do in the future. Is that possible & if so how please?

3rdly is it possible to add my photos after I’ve done a review of the walks I’ve completed?

Much appreciated. TIA

Hi Steve. Glad to have you along and great photo. Sorry for the slow reply - it’s been a bit exhausting around my house the last few weeks.

First up, regarding the search I wouldn’t be too surprised at lots of results as words like “coast” will find lots of matches, however it should be doing a much better effort at showing you the most relevant ones first. I’ve just done the search myself and can see it’s not doing a great job at that. I’ll put it on the list of things to look at. In the meantime you can use the “location” filter to help find closer walks. Just click on “Anywhere” under the search box and choose either “Near me” or “Near…” and type in your suburb. That will order the results so the closest walks show up first. I’d also try searching for just “tamborine” and not include “Gold Coast”. Finally you can try browsing the Tamborine National Park region at

The bucket list is very high on the wish list. I’ve been trying to do a bit of cleanup of the walks (e.g. make sure walks are in their correct regions) and adding a few new walks but once I get past that I plan on adding the bucket list. Unfortunately my young family means I don’t get as much time as I’d like to work on the site so I can’t promise it will be ready soon.

To add photos you can just choose the “Upload a photo” option from the menu on the left side of the screen if you’re on a computer. I’ve just checked and it seems you can’t do it from a phone or tablet! I will add that ASAP!

Thanks for the reply Richard. I’ll give all that a try & thanks.

I’m off to Twin Falls today so hopefully some decent photos to follow.

Hi Paul. Did you find yourself a walking group yet? If not there’s the Gold Coast Bushwalking group & they do plenty of walks up in Lamington Park area which would suit you possibly.

Hi my name is Debra and I am a solo hiker. I have not hiked much throughout Queensland, but have hiked the Grampians in Victoria and many alpine regions of Italy. I am interested in the Gheerulla Falls circuit walk and was wondering if it is safe to walk on my own. Any information would be appreciated.

Hi Debra, welcome to the site. I can’t comment too much on solo hiking as I’m not sure what your concerns are. I’ve run part of the circuit on my own with no problems. The track is clear and I passed a few other groups on the way so you probably won’t be completely on your own if you go on a weekend.

Hi all, my name is John. I have always loved walking, but a hectic working life and raising a family has limited the time I have been able to get out and actually do many of the walks in this beautiful part of the world.
I retired a few years ago and have been able to do a bit more hiking as a result, with the added bonus of being able to do them on weekdays when I usually have the place to myself.
I have used this site many times to research the walks, and it has been very helpful, but I was a little disappointed to see relatively few people actually contributing [ I see this page has over 3000 views but only 37 have contributed, and the most recent was last year ] so thought it time that I joined the conversation.
I am now 69 and over the last 12 months or so I have hiked Tibrogargan, Beerwah, Mt Maroon, Mt Barney south east ridge, Mt Norman, Mt Greville, and this week hiked Spicers Peak for the first time, all fantastic walks. Most of these I have either done alone, since I don’t know many my age who share my love for walking, or with some young friends in their late teens who are super fit, but tend to bolt along a little too fast for my liking as I like to take in as much as possible, including keeping an eye out for wildlife and taking lots of photos.
The next walk I hope to do is Mt Barney’s Logans Ridge, sometime in the next couple of weeks while a young friend is still on uni break and the weather is nice and cool. I will tick off the walk and add comments after I complete it.
I would encourage more people to add to this site to help make it even better.


Hi - Im Collin - Just moved to Sydney from the US back in January - Im keen to climb the Aussie State Highpoints, next on my list are Zeil and Bartle Frere for this winter. If anyone’s interested in joining me - please let me know!


Following jgmansells comment about lack of contribution which I agree with I thought I’d follow suit.

Hi I’m Jason AKA Aussie Weekend Warrior. I’m based in the Darling Downs Region (Chinchilla). I love anything outdoors including, hiking, multi day hikes, camping, Ultra Marathons, 4wding and anything else that keeps me outdoors. I struggle to find walking, hiking buddies out here, especially for the longer multi day hikes so if anybody is around the area or within a days drive who would like to organise some let me know.