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Hi Jason, I have passed through Chinchilla many times when I was working, I wouldn’t have thought there are many interesting walks out that way, but I am probably wrong. I guess I like hills and cool weather more than heat and flat country. Send a messsge if you are ever in Brisbane and want to go for a walk.


You are right jgmansell, there are no interesting walks out this way so going for a walk normally includes a lot of driving to get there unfortunately. I normally do larger walks to make the travel worth it. I am doing Carnarvon Great walk soon if you interested?.


Hi warrior, I have just read a couple of blogs about the Carnarvon Great Walk and it does sound interesting, but I limit my walking to day hikes at present, partly because I have no overnight gear, and partly because I am not sure if I have the strength to carry all the gear necessary, Logans ridge was enough for this old fella [doing it again next Friday]. I have been to Carnarvon Gorge and Salvatore Rosa National Parks and they certainly are unique and a very beautiful part of the state.
Great to see a few more contributions to this site, and thanks for the invite. Please give us a rundown on the walk after you complete it and I may be tempted to have a go in the future.


Hi Jen. Am orignally from the Bundy area so know Mt Perry and Woodgate well. Keen to see the walk reports. Did you follow the Bicentennial Trail?


Hi all. I guess I have been hiking/bushwalking/tramping/trekking for around 50 years since Scout days.

Growing up around Bundaberg I spent plenty on time on Fraser Island in the early 1070s but later career moves and well-placed conferences led to more walking in the Blue Mountains, the Grampians, Tasmania, New Zealand and Canada and some time based in western Victoria gave me the opportunity to do plenty of climbing on Arapiles though, in all that time, I have done precious little in Queensland.

Fortunately the opportunity to retire early and do enough consulting to fund a travel budget came a couple of years ago and, with a couple of long time colleagues, I have managed two seasons of trekking and climbing in South America. Last year was a month in Peru and, after the usual tourist stuff, the 4 day Quilcayhuanca to Cojup Valley Trek, the 6 day Santa Cruz to Ulta Valley Trek followed by a couple of days climbing Nevado Pisco (5,752 m).

This year we spent a couple of weeks in Patagonia in Chile (Torres del Paine “W” walk) and Argentina (day walks out of El Chalten/FitzRoy) before heading back to Huaraz in the Cordillera Blanca to walk the 10 day Huayhuash circuit and the 10 day Alpamayo circuit before climbing Mateo then spending a week at Ishinca base camp climbing around Urus, Ishinca and Tocllaraju.

Planning on a third visit to Peru next year but, in the meantime, I need to keep up the walking here so I’ll be about a bit looking for track notes and advice on SE Qld walks and some a bit further afield.


Hi all! I’m Sage, newly based in Brisbane, formerly in Wollongong. Couple years bushwalking, but really keen to push into overnight hikes this year.