How to edit a Region

@F_A_B_Ferguson_Adven I’ve mapped a heap of the regions now which has reduced the report considerably. Down from 889 rows to 547.

There are a few more I could possibly map where they are matched to a CAPAD area just outside the actual national park… e.g. Mt Wagawn matches to Limpinwood Nature Reserve but is correctly assigned to Lamington NP region. I’ll just do a little bit extra check on these before I map them.

There are also cases like Samford Conservation Park which probably doesn’t need its own region and I could map that CAPAD area to the Brisbane City Council Local Walks region.

I noticed Mt Wagawn was moved into NSW. I’ve moved it back to Lamington. The mountain is right on the border and the walk is definitely a Lamington walk even though the report is picking it up as NSW.

Ah, my fault. I should have moved the walk ‘icon’ to Mt Wagawn’s summit (which you did) rather than changing the State, as the start of the walk was in NSW.

I didn’t move the pin so it must have been somebody else. I just updated the region. Great work by the way with all the updates.

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